the brand


Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Eric Wilds discusses Forward. For all., and how the messaging, brand strategies, and core values build on everything we know and love about Magna.

How we make a

Our mission is to use our expertise to create a better world of mobility, responsibly.

We do that by developing technologies, systems and concepts that makevehicles safer and cleaner for everyone.


What we

Think Big

Empowering each to act with confidence.

Take Responsibility

Taking accountability for ourselves and others in our actions and commitments.

Never Settle

Constantly innovating, improving and  asking the right questions.

Be Collaborative

We do our best when we do it together,  with respect and humility.


What make us


Our Culture

At our heart is the entrepreneurial spirit of our people. Here, every  employee is encouraged to create their own unique career path.

Complete Expertise

Our product portfolio and collective expertise is unmatched.  This allows us to think like an automaker and find better ways forward with a systems-level approach.

New Mobility Enabler

With industry-leading technologies as well as design, engineering  and complete vehicle assembly capabilities, we are supporting  all aspects of mobility like no one else.

We're only

going in

Creating the future begins with envisioning it. Then it’s about using everything at our disposal  to build towards it, relentlessly.

We are always moving forward, but not just for ourselves.



We do it for the industry.

For our customers.

For consumers.

For our employees.

For our communities.

For the planet.

For all.