We’re All In: From Teams to Technology and Protecting the Planet

An editorial director like me gets to meet such interesting people – and share their stories with you.

They are people like Magna’s Deisy Badillo in Mexico, who was so touched by Swamy Kotagiri’s podcast about his favorite books that she reached out to him in an email, and got a surprising response. Or people like Magna’s Phil Chen in China, who inspired his team to embrace the MAFACT principles with astonishing results.

They are people like Dominic Smith, Rob Selle, Kevin Lu, and Peter Spencley, who bring disparate innovators together with the Power of One Magna to create some of the most exciting new products and technologies on the market.

A common thread running through all of the stories in this issue are employees living our Magna values every day in every division around the world, from Dessy Li in Canada to Sascha Germer in Austria and John Tenhaaf in the U.S. They represent the hundreds of Magna employees whose work ethic and dedication are a galvanizing force.

You’ll also get a bird’s eye view of our global sustainability efforts, from our carbon neutrality pledge to employees like Markus Hirschvogel in Germany, whose impetus for protecting the planet comes from a yearly bicycle ride through the Alps. And you’ll discover some intriguing ways Magna is safeguarding our common home. Hint: One involves a domesticated animal with a woolly coat.

Enjoy this issue and please keep those wonderful story ideas coming!

Lisa Schafer

Editorial Director, Magna People


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