How We Live Our Values

Creativity and innovation can seem elusive, but not to the Magna people profiled in this issue, from our sustainability group leaders to the winner of the 2021 Employee Innovation Challenge.

You’ll discover their inspiration often comes from ordinary places and events, such as a visit to a repair shop to fix a car or an afternoon spent at a beach or meadow. These Aha! moments provide a starting point, by giving us a problem to solve or a new twist on an idea. We hope their stories will encourage you to think big and never settle, Magna values that underpin this issue.

Other Magna values shine through in these stories.

A general manager in Mexico rolled up his sleeves, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with shop-floor employees and vividly demonstrated how to be collaborative. A production operator in China takes responsibility every day for turning out the best parts, and has earned a reputation as one of our quiet leaders, someone who takes risk management and quality personally.

Creativity and innovation are something we do 24/7, too. Case in point: a Magna employee who came up with a clever way to improve the view from the swim spa in his backyard. We hope this issue expands your view inside and outside of work. Enjoy!

Lisa Schafer

Editorial Director, Magna People


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