As Magna’s sustainability leaders work on the future of mobility, they are mindful of the fragility of the planet and the need to protect precious resources. This care for the Earth stems from places that hold special meaning for them, from a beach in Canada to a city in Brazil dedicated to conserving nature. Here are their inspirational places:

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Darren Charbonneau

Director Global Lean Manufacturing and

Sustainability Magna Mechatronics, Mirrors and Lighting

Inspirational Place: Barrie Beach on Lake Simco, Barrie, Ontario

I walk my dog Ella at Barrie Beach every day. The setting is very calm, and gives me a chance to center my thoughts and clear my head. From a sustainability standpoint, the city of Barrie has done well, with everything from recycling to planting gardens. It is also one of Canada’s Bee Cities, and is active in creating pollinator spaces. As residents, we are encouraged to make environmental conservation a part of our daily lives. So everything I do at work and home ties into sustainability.

John Oilar

Vice President of Engineering Magna Seating

Inspirational Place: Monticello, Indiana

I grew up in Monticello, a small town on the Tippicanoe River, where I worked for farmers and raised animals. My family had a small plot of land in town, and at one point in time we had more than 20 cats, in addition to rabbits, pigeons, a duck, and a dog. I love nature and animals. Today, my brother Ed has about 200 acres in nearby Delphi, Indiana. I always go to his farm, walk his woods and hunt for mushrooms. My office in Michigan faces a wooded area, and sometimes I look at the deer, turkeys and sandhill cranes with my binoculars. All of these places give me a great desire to do everything possible to help this planet.

Kevin Kammerer

Magna Exterior Group Environmental and Sustainability Manager

Inspirational Place: Harrison, Ohio

My childhood in Harrison molded the person I am now. I grew up on a small farm, where we grew our own food and raised horses. I’ve been riding horses since I was five, and I played outdoors in our creeks and forests my entire childhood. My first environmental project as a child was to clean out the stalls from the horses and use the compost to grow a better garden. Another special place is the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Western United States. My wife and I love the scenery. We even named our daughter Sierra. Leaving the planet a better place for future generations is my goal.

Adriano Lima

Global Operational Excellence and Sustainability Manager Magna Cosma

Inspirational Place: Curitiba, Brazil

I grew up in Curitiba, one of the world’s leading eco-friendly cities, which is why I ended up working in sustainability. The city is filled with lots of green spaces, parks and great places for walking, and Araucaria, big and beautiful pine trees that are protected. It is illegal to cut them down. Resources like trees and rivers are protected here. My maternal grandparents were farmers in Brazil and lived in the middle of nature. When I was a child, we would visit the farm, and run and play. Taking care of nature is the way our family lived in Brazil.

Volker Ludwig

Director, Global Sustainability

& EHS Magna Powertrain

Inspirational Place: Forchtenberg, Germany and the Hohenlohe Region, Germany

My family has always been close to the land. My parents still have the farm in Forchtenberg, Germany where I grew up and learned that every single plant is important. My brother and his wife have a vineyard in southern Germany in the Hohenlohe Region. Like the farm, it’s a magic place surrounded by forest, so the only thing you see is green.  I now have grandchildren, and these special places remind me of our responsibility to give all children a good place to live in the future.

Roman Pöltner

Director, Infrastructure Management and

Group HSE Magna Steyr

Inspirational Place: Egger’s Pond, Villach, Austria

I live near a protected nature area where I like to walk with my daughters, ages 6 and 7, and they are always asking me a lot of questions about the wildflowers, trees and birds, especially the hoopoes. Some of the birds come to our house and build their nests. We take care of the baby birds and talk about why it’s important to protect them. I’m also inspired by my workplace, where I always try to implement continuous improvement. Those two places inspire my dedication to sustainability.

Anton Mayer

Executive Vice-President and

Chief Technology Officer

Inspirational Place: Styria, Austria

The Styria region, which is home to Magna Steyr, proves that nature and industry can coexist. It has the Alps, skiing, vineyards, lots of lakes and forests, but is also home to the automotive, electronics and steel industries. From its earliest days, even back to the 1600s, the intention was to make the region provide a good life for people and business. Universities are located here and education is one of the secrets to success, along with a good sense for business. It’s a recipe for success when it comes to sustainability.