Global Expressions

of Gratitude

Words of appreciation have been pouring in from hundreds of Magna colleagues around the world since Don Walker announced his retirement as CEO. Some of the messages reflected on memorable personal interactions; others on Don’s unconditional support and organizational success. But they all expressed thanks for his leadership and guidance. Here are just a few:

You are the rock on which we stand, the heartbeat of Magna.

Sherry Hervas

Thank you for believing in Mexico and supporting the growth.

Irma Galvan

Our conversations helped me to see that anything is possible for anyone at Magna.

Darrell Hill

You had a clear vision, challenging and empowering the organization and keeping the Magna DNA along the way.

Tom More

You have upheld Magna’s core principles and kept us going strong.

Pete Rimac

You and Magna’s leadership team really do take the time to listen.

Kevin Gregory

Thank you for making Magna strong and making our jobs secure.

Sreedhar Janapareddy

You were the right person in the right place and at the right time.

Peter Kramer

I have always looked up to you as a good example of how a leader should behave.

Hiromitsu Iwabuchi

Your leadership developed Magna into a business that has allowed me to live my life’s dream.

Shawn Bentley

Your consistent focus has solidified Magna credibility with our customers, providing tremendous opportunity for growth.

Randy Koenigsknecht

Because of your great leadership and sacrifices, our company held strong during what I call ‘this roller coaster of life.’

Lana Kurwicki

Many thanks for your wise, prudent and very successful leadership.

Thomas Schultheiß

From the very beginning, I set myself the goal of achieving at least some of what you do.

Wlodzimierz Andrzejczyk

You’ve shaped Magna to be incredibly well positioned to compete in the future of mobility.

David Wade

I have been with Magna since 1995 and have been able to provide for my family because of this wonderful company.

Breen Merriam