The Don

Walker Effect

Like everyone in this issue of Magna People, I have a Don Walker story. It involves a stuck door and Don’s sense of humor.

Don and his assistant, Joan MacKinnon, couldn’t unlock the door to his office. They asked me to lend a hand. I wiggled the key, pushed, pulled and opened it in about three seconds. Grinning, I turned and said, “Gee Don, I thought you were an engineer.” The instant the words were out of my mouth, I froze. In my family, teasing is a sign of affection, and there was no disrespect intended. But how would the CEO of the company react? He laughed.

Thank you for that, Don, and for the respect, comradery and support you have always given me.

These stories and messages come from people who have worked with Don Walker and some who have never met him. Frank Stronach, Magna’s founder, was his boss for many years and saw that his confidence in Don was “well- founded”. Joanne Horibe, our vice-president, ethics & chief compliance officer, says Don agreed “wholeheartedly” to having a bucket of ice dumped on him. Others describe him as “a rock”, see his “willingness to connect”, and think people “try harder, work harder and want to succeed” because of his leadership.

We are proud to celebrate The Don Walker Effect and look forward to seeing more of it in the world beyond Magna.

Enjoy reading and stay safe.

Lori McDowell, Managing Editor

On behalf of the Editorial Team


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