COVID and Character

The stories in this issue are about how we as a company and as individuals have responded to and experienced the challenges and tragedies of the global COVID-19 pandemic. They say conduct is the best proof of character and these times have given us many opportunities to show who we really are.

Read about the courage and dedication of employees coming to work not knowing when they’ll be able to return home; the compassion of an employee who plays the bagpipes to cheer others; and the generosity of employees in India who donated a day’s wages to COVID relief efforts. Creativity shines in an employee’s comic book heroes who fight for COVID safety and leadership throughout the company showed tenacity in making playbooks that made it possible for employees to say, “I really feel safe at work”.

When it comes to character, these stories reveal we have an abundance, and I hope you will find them as encouraging and inspiring as I do.

Stay safe.

Lori McDowell, Managing Editor

On behalf of the Editorial Team


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