With no end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, we asked some of the people in this edition of Magna People how they are coping and what tips they have for their fellow employees. Here are some of their responses:

Rob Eastwood

Magna Hotline Investigator

“If I’ve had a really bad day, I put on the loudest, fastest music and I just crank it up or I sing in the car. By the time I get home, I usually have shaken it. I would give that advice. It doesn’t have to be blazing heavy metal. Performing with my band works, too. It is a physical and mental workout. Then life is good.”

Sara TarasenKo

Magna Payroll Administrator

“I go for drives and play music really, really loud. I listen to hard rock, like “Popular Monster” by American rock band Falling in Reverse. Sometimes I sit in the parking lot of Target (a department store) and cry. I text my best friend in Georgia and tell her 'I’m in my crying place.' Then I feel better.”

Kelly Harbridge

Magna Vice President of People and

Associate General Counsel

“At my house, we’ve done a lot of family cooking, a lot of family movie nights, and went for a lot of walks together with our dog Boomer, a Norfolk terrier. So many walks that our dog didn’t know what hit him.”

Michelle Rafat

Magna Senior Manager for Talent Attraction and EmployeR Branding

“My family has started to do yoga to mediate and relax. We’ve got yoga pants, blocks and mats. Just breathing is great.  All four of us do it at the same time. We have our mats lined up. It’s our family thing. And because of the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit we’ve taken up chess.”

Stacey Burroughs

Magna Lighting Global Director of Sales

“I’ve reconnected with a lot of my girlfriends from high school. We are doing Zoom calls and we’re talking about when this ends making some trips together. We are all at different stages of career and family.  It’s been one of my stress relievers for sure.”

Andrew Barrow

Magna Employee Advocate Program Manager

“My son Damon and I have a regular workout routine that we’ve been tweaking and formulating. We do a 30-minute pure body-weight workout. He’s a budding football player, so he needs to stay in shape. We’ve also had family documentary nights. There are a ton of great documentaries out there. We’ve watched one about Tiger Woods and another about Michael Jordan. The family is together, and there’s a little bit of education in it, too.”

Shaun Hintz

Assistant General Manager

Magna Engineered Glass

“We bought a hot tub. There are no electronics, and it’s become a place where my family can talk. We’re also big with game nights. We play card games and board games. My husband taught us how to play Axis and Allies over three days. For me, I work out. I’m an early riser. From 6-6:30 a.m. I do a cardio and strength-based workout.”

Parsinee Pratoomhual

Assistant HR Manager

Cosma Thailand

“I love cleaning the house. It’s my therapy right now. I’ve been organizing and donating items to charity – good things. The pandemic made me ask, ‘Why do I want to collect a ton of things?’ It’s better to give them away.”

Lola Zhang

Health, Safety and Environment Program Manager

Magna China Corporate

“I put down my cellphone and cook. I limit my time on the internet. I exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, and I’ve lost weight during the pandemic. I also read books, at least one or two per month.”